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4k wallpapers

4K wallpaper

Problem with rendering big images is the time spent waiting. Here are 3 simple ones that took only few minutes to render. Free for personal use as wallpapers or as you like. I started posting my stuff on DeviantArt. If you would like one in different colors I might make one if you ask nicely :) I ll probably need to disable comments here in the future as soon as spambots start coming in..

4K wallpaper4K wallpaper 4K wallpaper

Selfie :)

This guy is not done yet, but decided to post it anyway. Looks kinda funny.


Finally got myself to finish this track. Enjoy

YouTube video :)

HD Wallpaper – Balls Illuminati

hd wallpaper balls illuminati

I have seen this cool wallpaper somewhere on the interweb and tried to recreate it. Here is the result. Feel free to use it.
hd wallpaper balls illuminati

Same balls, different textures = another wallpaper :)
reflective black balls wallpaper


Daydreaming – creating this track was more of a nightmare :D


Torrents (clean edit)

lolofons - torrents

Lets get started!

Welcome to my new website! Here is the first track that I created some time ago. It is not the first version though. The original track had some crowd clapping which I decided to leave out. You can still find it on SoundCloud.